Morocco Culinary Tours –Perfect Holiday For Food Lovers

Get ready for an in-depth exploration of a culinary tour of Morocco’s varied and rich cuisine, which includes everything from unique dining experiences to market tours to visits to food producers and more.

When you choose us as your touring partner, you will make the most out of your trip. Not only you will get to taste and learn about the best food and drinks on offer in Morocco, but we make sure that you are staying at Morocco’s most luxurious resorts and hotels.

Let’s Begin In Fez And Gear Up For One Of The Best Morocco Culinary Tours

Begin in Fez, the religious, intellectual, and gastronomic heart of Morocco. Here you will find some of the best private cooking classes where you will learn to prepare dishes like tagine (tajine), Moroccan mezze, and bisteeya (pastilla). Don’t forget about the traditional Moroccan mint tea, which will tickle your taste buds on our custom culinary tours.

Enjoy your plate for Morocco which is filled with different flavours, where Arabic, Amazigh, and European influences blend to create an exciting culinary miscellany. Pass through mesmerizing markets and follow the smell of food.

Here you will witness some of the master recipes taught by pros in the business and you can share traditional meals in local homes and grab delicious street food from a souq. From bustling Medinas to sprinkling spices with the tinge of local flavours, Moroccan food will leave you in awe!

Morocco – A Vegetarian’s Paradise

For vegetarians, Morocco is the ideal food destination. With many delicious local dishes and wonderful fresh produce, you’ll have an awesome time on this trip. When you choose us, you will get the best food for your choice. We know Morocco inside and out and can fulfil a range of dietary requirements. You will be spoilt for choice with all those options available at your disposal.

You may be approached by street vendors and shop owners offering their goods to you on regular occasions. But, don’t worry! There won’t be any aggressive selling techniques used by any of the vendors in Morocco.

How About Planning Your Trip During Peak Seasons Like Ramadan?

Many tourists want to plan their trip in a way that they get to visit the country during Ramadan. The best thing about planning such a tour is that it is a festival that goes on for a month, so you can be flexible with your dates. Having said that, some services might not be available during that time. Because of Ramadan some cafes, eateries or restaurants will not operate as usual. If you want to explore Morocco culinary tours to the fullest, keep in mind that every festival or season has its own pros and cons.

That is why it is important to consider the season when selecting your travel dates. This is where we can help you. We will help you find dates that best suit you and provide information on season and climate.

Morocco Culinary tours are a real fun! Experience it with us.

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