View Morocco promote sustainable travel that benefits local communities, culture, and heritage and minimises impacts on the environment.
Sustainable travel is not driven by economic gains but focuses on educating tourists on travelling green. Providing accommodation that restricts mass tourism in sensitive environments ensures that the natural regeneration rate of the environmental asset is not compromised and ensures the longevity of the resource
Our holidays aim to be enjoyable and interesting for your full satisfaction, whilst supporting the local people,their culture and the environment by:
● Providing meaningful connections with local people and a greater understanding of cultural and environmental issues;
● Minimising negative environmental, social and cultural impacts with a special emphasis on conserving natural resources;
● Generating greater economic benefits for local people by supporting actively local purchasing and the development of new businesses and by involving local people in decision making;
● Making positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage and to the maintenance of their diversity.

The above goals are met by our interaction with clients, our suppliers and local communities in Morocco: we actively seek to promote Moroccan suppliers, who are more environmentally conscious, and to identify those whose contributions are outstanding on our web site. We regularly support them by supplying ideas and contacts and answering queries.
We employ local people and treat them well, having helped many of our collaborators develop their skills, including language, to provide a friendly and professional service to our clients.

We provide pre-visit information to clients, ensuring that they are well briefed to respect Moroccan etiquette; we offer opportunities to learn to speak key words in the local language, for them to support sustainable local business initiatives, to conserve wildlife and resources, especially water and wood and, in our holiday follow up e-mail, we provide links to worthy charities in case clients may wish to donate.