Morocco is famous for trekking adventures. Join us for the trip of a lifetime!

View Morocco: Morocco Tours in Marrakech
2 Days - 1 Night
15% Off
€ 170 € 200
This two day Atlas Mountains day trip is a fantastic opportunity to take an Atlas Mountain tour and explore the country around Imlil and Marrakech....
Touring the High Atlas Mountains with View Morocco.
3 Days - 2 Nights
23% Off
€ 310 € 400
This is a really beautiful way to go trekking in Morocco and you’ll be introduced to some of the most stunning scenery that this country...
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3 Days - 2 Nights
8% Off
€ 230 € 250
This is a 3 day adventure (and one of our most popular Morocco tours) to the top of the stunning Jebel Toubkal, the highest peak...
Morocco Tours and Trekking In Morocco
6 Days - 5 Nights
22% Off
€ 350 € 450
This Atlas Mountain tour to the top of North Africa has some excellent trekking, some long days of hiking and some stunning scenery, not least...
View Morocco tours of the High Atlas mountain range.
6 Days - 5 Nights
8% Off
€ 460 € 500
The M'Goun valley is located in the central part of the High Atlas Mountains and is home to the second highest peak in Morocco, Jebel...
Trekking in Morocco with View Morocco
7 Days - 6 Nights
€ 420
The Sirwa Massif lies to the south of the Toubkal National Park on the boundary between the High Atlas and the Anti-Atlas. It is a...
Morocco Excursions to the desert
8 Days - 7 Nights
€ 650
Erg Chigaga is the classic sand dune sea. Located in the Sahara, it is accessed by camel and is one of the most memorable landscapes...
4 Days - 3 Nights
4% Off
€ 240 € 250
Climb Mount Toubkal (Jebel Toubkal) over 4 days in the summer Join the View Morocco team for an amazing Atlas Mountain tour and an attempt...
Jebel Toubkal. Mount Toubkal. Trekking In Morocco
8 Days - 7 Nights
€ 560
This is an 8 day winter trek to the top of Mount Toubkal (known as Jebel Toubkal in Morocco), the highest peak in North Africa....
Trekking in Morocco with ViewMorocco
3 Days - 2 Nights
33% Off
€ 200 € 300
We are pleased to offer you 3 days of family-oriented trekking in Morocco. This tour is about Berber culture, the countryside and the people who work and live here.
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